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Relaxa 750 Floating Isolation platform

The Relaxa 750 is the flagship of this now classic multi award winning – created and patented in 1999 – unique magnetic isolation device.

The platform is made from hardened tempered glass, a totally rigid material, even under prolonged heavy load, which floats on air thanks to the powerful custom magnets.

This eliminates the influences of any external vibrations from all frequencies, more than anything possible from other forms of isolation techniques.

The strong magnetic field of the magnets is directed along the vertical direction and the small residual is confined within their housing.

The working load is very wide range from 3 Kg up to 50 Kg (110 Lbs).

The horizontal level may be adjusted simply by turning the magnetic housings and checked with the supplied level gauge.


The eSseCi Design Relaxa 750 is the flagship model of the patented isolation platforms.

The company was founded in 1999 by Silvano Cremonesi and are based in Trento, Northern Italy.

All products are exclusively made in Italy.

The platforms are made of tempered hardened glass, an absolutely rigid material that does not deform even when subjected to loads of up to 50Kgs.

The Relaxa 750 platform floats upon 8 pairs of powerful neodymium magnets, which form a type of magnetic cushion remaining contactless in air.

This results in the elimination of any external influences, or vibrations of any frequency. Far superior than anything possible with any other isolation technique.


The strong magnetic field of the neodymium magnets is directed in a vertical direction. Any negligible residual magnetism is completely shielded by the housing and has no influence on the entire structure or on any electronics or pickup systems placed onto the platform.


The resulting improvement in sound quality is quite simply stunning.

A vastly improved soundstage, more detailed sound and tighter bass, whilst retaining all the musicality, or PRAT (pace rhythm and timing) of the source material.


If you're serious about your system, and have invested in high end equipment, the addition of any of these isolation platforms will truly maximise your equipment's performance potential and is an absolute must!

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The Relaxa 750 platform works from a min of 3 kg to a max of 50 kg.

The horizontal level can be set by simply turning the magnet housing and checked with the supplied spirit level.

Effective size W 560 x D 460 mm