Norma Audio electronics have consistently won prestigious awards from the most well respected journalists in the UK press.

Many of these can be found below, together with comments made. 

Customers who have bought Norma products have been thrilled with the results obtained and often write to compliment upon them.

Many years have been spent in search of superb quality sound, whilst offering serious value for money, which has culminated in these products.

It is our sincere hope that when you discover these for yourself that they will enhance your system and provide you with endless hours of listening pleasure.

REVO 140

REVO 140

REVO 140

Norma Audio is probably the best kept secret in Hi-Fi today, and this isn't just us saying it!
All Norma products represent outstanding value for money, coupled with superb build quality and a musical experience designed to continually delight
Norma Audio is based in Cremona, Italy, a place where music has always played an important role and is the home of Monteverdi, Ponchielli, Stradivari, Amati and many other artists

For more than 20 years Norma has been involved in the creation of premium audio amplifiers, CD players and DACs

The sound of Norma products are unique. Dynamics, speed, and absolute transparency combine with extraordinary musicality and a total lack of listening fatigue, resulting in pure listening pleasure.

If you want real PRAT (Pace, Rhythm and Timing) then look no further.

To further back up the confidence Norma has in their products all Norma Audio products sold in the UK will now come with a 5 year guarantee*

Listening to a Norma Audio product can express this far better than words

Discover for yourself what you've been missing, we are sure you won't be disappointed


The Norma Audio Revo SC2 Pre-Amp and 150 Power amp has just received HIFI Critics most prestigious award.


"Norma isn’t as widely available as it deserves, but
it is more than worthy of a place on the shortlist of
anyone who wants the very best in engineering and
sonic prowess. Seek it out, audition it and I think you
will find a musical companion for life"

Read the full review here

hifiplus logo.png

Norma Audio receives another excellent review of the REVO 70 amplifier in Feb edition of HiFi+


"If you’re in the market for a new amplifier I suggest you put this near the top of your audition list"

"This is a relaxed but phenomenally precise amplifier that lets you hear right into the mix with anything it plays....."

Read the full review here.


Once again the Norma 140 receives a fabulous review and strongly recommended status in Hi-Fi Choice

Read the full review here.

"The Revo IPA-140 is one of the finest integrated amplifiers I’ve heard at any price, and this is praise indeed for a product positioned so sensibly."

"Whenever anyone describes an amplifier as having great ‘pace, rhythm and timing’ the scientist in me gets highly sceptical, but this one is absolutely outstanding in this regard."

HIFI Critic

HIFI Critic reviews the Norma 140 amplifier and DS-1 CD player with onboard DAC. 

Read the full review here.

"...this was impressive! I restarted the CD and listened intently
from start to finish.......whatever I played the through the IPA-140, it always totally commanded my attention. This is an amplifier that demands that you listen, because whatever I played from those two sources was absolutely compelling."

"...the DS-1 just went about its business, not caring whether it was playing rock, jazz or classical. Everything poured out of the loudspeakers with vivid musicality."


The Norma 140 garners yet another award to add to the collection.
Sincere thanks to STEREONET for a very insightful review and their interview with Enrico Rossi, founder and creator of Norma.
If you’re looking for a new amplifier you really do owe it to yourself to hunt down your local dealer and hear it for yourself.

Read the full review here


Norma Audio REVO 70 amplifier receives a glowing review and Recommended badge from Hi-Fi Choice magazine.

Read the full review here.

"If this integrated amplifier is anything to go by, Chris Ward reckons we can expect to hear a lot more from Norma Audio"

"The longer I spend with this Norma amplifier the more I  appreciate just how multi-talented and easy to live with it is. I was not aware of the company before I started this review, but I will certainly be paying far closer attention to it from now on"

The Ear Best Buy.jpg

Norma Audio has been awarded a Best Buy for our HS-IPA1 integrated amplifier. Read the full review here.


"Pair it with your preferred sources and loudspeakers and I think it will be the last amplifier you will need - it really is that good."

"...I think it is actually more than a sum of its parts and should be on the short list for audition of any music lover who wants a great sounding device that punches far above its price-point." 


Hifi Pig gives a Highly Recommended award to the Norma HS-IPA1

Read the full review here.

"For a complete package of amplifier, DAC, adjustable MM/MC phono-stage, and class A headphone amp this is both an excellent value and excellent achieving package from a relatively unknown marque that should warrant some serious listening to in today’s highly over-stocked market"


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