We are fundamentally passionate about music and its reproduction, with a vast amount of experience spanning from the early 1970's in Hi-Fi, we aspire to bring new and compelling products to the UK which will seriously enhance your system with carefully selected brands.

Having worked with various well known manufacturers and retailers over the years, not only in the UK, but also in the US and Europe, we bring a wealth of experience to the market. 

Norma has been chosen for it's meticulous construction and superb sound quality.

Although relatively unknown in the UK, Norma has garnered a well deserved reputation for clean, clear sound. It can be likened to cleaning dirty windows, removing the surface stains and revealing clarity in the music as it was intended, whilst retaining all the musicality. 

Both the Revo IPA-140 and IPA-70 integrated amplifiers have received some of the UK's most prestigious awards by various renowned journalists whilst punching well above their weight.

The Revo 140 has been considered to be on a par with anything of over twice its price, we will leave you to decide for yourself upon listening.

We are also thrilled to announce the addition of eSseCi Designs award winning floating isolation platforms to our portfolio.  

This will enhance the sound quality of any quality system. If you're looking for an upgrade without changing your system then look no further.

Please see the review section here for all the press on Norma Audio.



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